Welcome to Janik Sausage

My uncle Leon Janik’s family created their unique kielbasa recipe and started the company in 1899 – it has been a family-owned and operated business ever since, making kielbasa the old fashioned way.

Our kielbasa, patties, and J. Juniors (mini-sausage links) are made with lean pork, no fillers, and have ALWAYS been gluten-free. Each week, our freshly-made small batches are slow-smoked for hours in a wood-fired brick oven to seal in the distinctive flavors. Then they are packaged and delivered immediately to our New England store locations.

We have developed a loyal customer following and hope you will soon be among them! Please try our versatile products which add zest to an endless number of recipes – you can start out by enjoying the quick and easy recipes on this site.

Our USDA-certified facility is based in Enfield, Connecticut and we are expanding our base of retail stores as demand grows for our high-quality products.

Thank you for trying Janik Sausage Company products. Remember, for any occasion – “Don’t panic – get a Janik!”©

Jay Prokop, Proprietor

A recently-produced segment on Janik Sausage, broadcasted on CPTV

Used by permission, courtesy of CPTV 2015